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Files for download (downloads)
(Link available after Submit)

  • Collection of PL/SQL packages including CENTROID (18703)
  • Manifold GIS Image Catalog (Tile Cache) Generator (9227)
  • SDO_GEOM_METADATA Report for SQL Developer (2362)
  • Source SQL for Generating Random SDO_GEOMETRY Points (2355)
  • Script to create STORE table (SDO_NN example) (2348)
  • VB6 DLL Source Code for Fast Access to Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY (2320)
  • PL/SQL code for fast multipoint SDO_GEOMETRY generation (2276)
  • MBR Object Type + Methods (1858)
  • ST_Parallel For PostGIS (1750)
  • Data Model for a Computerised Tree Inventory System (1381)
  • MultiPoint Creation Ordinate Rounding and Performance testing. (1376)
  • SC4O - Spatial Companion 4 Oracle (includes EXPORTER) (1149)
  • CENTROID Package (Standalone) (731)
  • LINEAR (LRS) Package for Oracle Locator (618)
  • SQL Server Spatial TSQL Functions (134)
  • Table Of Contents (20)
  • GeoRaptor For SQL Developer (17)
  • Robo Functions (13)
  • T_Gid Header (13)
  • Robo Master Index (11)
  • Robo Methods (11)
  • T_Geometry Header (11)
  • Robo Source Files (9)
  • Robo CSS (9)
  • T_Vertex Header (9)
  • Robo Modules (8)
  • Robo File (8)
  • T_Elem_Info Header (7)
  • MySQL Spatial Code Documentation (0)
  • MySQL Spatial CSS File For Code Documentation (0)
  • SQL Server Spatial Code Documentation (0)
  • SQL Server Spatial CSS File For Code Documentation (0)



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Creative Commons License
All Blog Articles, Data Models and Free Source Code by Simon Greener, The SpatialDB Advisor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Much of the PL/SQL code that can be downloaded via the form below were re-written for, and published with, the book that Dr Siva Ravada and myself released in September 2013: Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial

I have already started to modify and extend that code, releasing the changed versions via the PACKT website.

To obtain a copy, purchase the book and download the code. I do not intend modifying or maintaining the packages and functions available on this site that appear in the book's source code.


Please provide a short description of your intended use.
Be respectful and not enter 'aaaaaaaa...' or '12345678...' etc.
I have put a lot of work into the code you are about do download so please spend 10 seconds writing something meaningful.
You can be anonymous if you are so concerned.
Always feel free to contact me with any issues you have with the code you are downloading.